Ditchpro is a roadside ditch cleaning attachment for a wheel loader. The device attaches to the front of a quick coupler equipped Class 50 wheel loader in seconds utilizing existing wheel loader hydraulics to extend, tilt and retract the 1 cubic yard bucket. Roadsides are not damaged as they are with a wheel loader and conventional ditch bucket attached to the front of a wheel loader. Narrow or one-lane roadside ditches can easily and efficiently be cleaned with ease. A single pass with the Ditchpro can clean up to 40 feet of ditch or more with little or no damage to the roadway or edging .

The conventional way of cleaning ditches by driving the wheel loader bucket straight into the ditch, constantly turning the loader back and forth, driving forward and reverse, damaging the road edge, and leaving an inconsistent ditch by only cleaning 6-8 feet of ditch each pass. This is very hard on equipment, and very disruptive to traffic. Cleaning large stretches of ditch can take hours or even days.

Please click on the "links to more info" tab above and click on the link to view a short video showing exactly how the Ditchpro works, from how it attaches to the wheel loader, video of the unit cleaning various ditches, and dumping the full bucket into a waiting truck. You will see the unit operating on a single lane road with a large drop off on the opposite side of the ditch, you will see how cars can easily pass while the Ditchpro is working on a two lane road.

Controlling run off and erosion is very important, and maintaining roadside ditches are an integral part of that responsibility. Making this process easier and less costly is why we make and sell our product.


The Ditchpro Bucket can be extended up to 4 feet to allow the removing of debris with the wheel loader remaining on the road surface

When the bucket is filled with debris (operator can see the bucket filling from the cab by watching the opening in the top of the bucket). The entire unit can then be lifted and dumped.
After Dumping the debris, you can return to the ditch and repeat the process.

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