It won't be long before you will be enjoying an amazing and innovative way to clean and maintain roadside ditches.

The Ditchpro will allow you to save money by reducing the time necessary to clean roadside ditches, eliminate major traffic disruptions, and reduce the wear and tear on equipment and roadside edges.

Narrow or one-lane roads are no longer a difficult project.

Clean miles of ditches a day instead of yards. Provides uniform and consistent ditches every time.

Time is Labor, and labor is money. The Ditchpro will pay for itself every time you use it.

For a 3 minute movie of the Ditchpro being used in a variety of applications please contact us and we can send it to you along with brochures, or if you like you go to the "How It Works"  tab above and click the links to view a short video on-line, or download Brochures and User Manuals.

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