To place an Order we will need some information.

1. The make and model of the Wheel Loader that will be used.

2. Is it equipped with a quick disconnect? If so, what model? Ditchpro will install the proper set of attachment arms that match your quick disconnect model.


For example: JRB 416 or an ACS 2000. See below for a list of popular Class 50 Wheel loaders to see if yours is the correct unit for a Ditchpro.


3. Does your unit have the side shift hydraulic operated option already installed?  This will be required to extend and retract the bucket.  This is very important or the unit will not function as designed.



Units are usually in stock and available delivery in 2-4 weeks. This will allow for the time to order and install the attachment arms needed for your specific wheel loader.

Pricing varies based on the attachment arms needed, the market cost of steel and the number of units you purchase. Delivered cost will average between $29K to $35K or more, depending on the cost of the wheel loader arms needed for your unit.  You can also choose to buy your unit without arms and install them yourself if you wish at a lower cost, as the arms can be very expensive and two sets are needed.


Contact us today for a quote so you can start saving money by cleaning miles of roadside ditches in the time it took to clean just yards in the past!!

All Shipments are FOB Plant in Washington State, you can pick up
the unit, or we can pre-pay and add the freight cost to your order.

Payment Terms are Net 30.

A list of popular class 50 wheel loaders that can be used with the Ditchpro attachment
Case 721 Series
Caterpillar 936 or 938 series
Doosan M250 or M300 models
John Deere Model 624
Hyundai Models 750 or 757
JCB model 436
Kawasaki Model 70
Komatsu Models WA300 or WA 320
New Holland Model W170
Terex Models 250 or 260
Volvo model L90

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